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John Jarratt

John Jarratt is a famous Aussie actor.

He was born in Wollongong (NSW) on 5 August 1952.

How old is John Jarratt?

John Jarratt is currently 71 years old.

Early Life

John Jarratt was born on August 5, 1951, in Wongawilly, New South Wales, Australia. In his early life, he grew up in Wongawilly and attended Wollongong High School. Before becoming an actor, Jarratt worked in various jobs, including as a laborer and an apprentice electrician. He then moved to London where he pursued his acting career by attending drama school and performing in theater productions.


John Jarratt is most famous for his role as Mick Taylor in the Australian horror film "Wolf Creek" (2005) and its sequels. He gained international recognition for his chilling portrayal of the sadistic serial killer. Jarratt also appeared in other notable movies and TV shows, including "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (1975) and "The Great Outdoors" (2010). In "Wolf Creek," Jarratt acted alongside fellow Australian actors Cassandra Magrath and Nathan Phillips.

Family Life

John Jarratt's parents are Eva and Ray Jarratt. He has two sisters named Robyn and Beverly. Jarratt has been married four times. He first got married to Rosa Miano in 1971 and they divorced in 1977. He then married Noni Hazlehurst in 1984, but they divorced in 1986. Jarratt married his third wife, Cody-Lea Jarratt, in 2001, but they separated in 2019. He is currently married to Rosa Kathleen Byrne since 2020. Jarratt grew up in Wongawilly and currently resides in Australia.


Aside from his acting career, John Jarratt is also an accomplished guitarist. He has a passion for music and enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time. When it comes to charity work, Jarratt has been involved with organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting their fundraising efforts. He has also participated in various charitable events and campaigns in Australia. Jarratt's talents extend beyond acting, showcasing his dedication to different causes and interests.


John Jarratt has appeared in the following famous Aussie movies: