picture of Jay Laga aia

Jay Laga aia

Jay Laga aia is a famous Aussie actor.

He was born in Auckland, New Zealand on 10 September 1963.

How old is Jay Laga aia?

Jay Laga aia is currently 60 years old.

Early Life

Jay Laga'aia was born on September 10, 1963, in Auckland, New Zealand. He grew up in South Auckland and attended De La Salle College. Before becoming a famous actor, Laga'aia worked as a teacher and a singer. He started his acting career in New Zealand, appearing in various stage productions.


Jay Laga'aia is most famous for his role as Captain Typho in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. He appeared in the movies "Attack of the Clones" (2002) and "Revenge of the Sith" (2005). Laga'aia also had notable roles in other films such as "Nim's Island" (2008) and "Daybreakers" (2009). In addition to his film career, he has appeared in several TV shows including "Water Rats" (1996-1999) and "Legend of the Seeker" (2009-2010). Australian actress Rose Byrne also appeared with him in "Attack of the Clones."

Family Life

Jay Laga'aia is married to Sandra Jane, and they have eight children together. They got married in 1988 and are still happily married. Laga'aia grew up in New Zealand but has been living in Australia for many years. Currently, he resides in Sydney, Australia.


Aside from acting, Jay Laga'aia is also a talented singer and musician. He has released several music albums throughout his career. Laga'aia is known for his involvement in charitable causes and fundraising. He has been actively involved with organizations supporting children's hospitals and charities focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged youth. In addition, he is a vocal advocate for indigenous rights.