picture of Henri Szeps

Henri Szeps

Henri Szeps is a famous Aussie actor.

He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland on 2 October 1943.

How old is Henri Szeps?

Henri Szeps is currently 80 years old.

Early Life

Henri Szeps was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1945. He migrated to Australia with his parents when he was 6 years old. He grew up in Sydney, Australia and attended Fort Street High School. Before becoming a famous actor, Szeps worked as a draftsman and later as a graphic artist. He also performed in amateur theater productions and joined the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney.


Henri Szeps is most famous for his role as "Vladimir" in the Australian film "The Devil's Playground" released in 1976. He received critical acclaim for his performance in this film. Szeps also appeared in the TV series "Water Rats" from 1996 to 1999. He starred alongside other famous Australians such as Colin Friels and Steve Bisley in "The Devil's Playground" and with Catherine McClements and Aaron Pedersen in "Water Rats."

Family Life

Henri Szeps' parents were Eta and Carl Szeps. He has a younger brother named George Szeps. Szeps was previously married to actress Coralie Sawade, with whom he has two children. They were married in 1970 and divorced in 2001. Szeps currently resides in Sydney, Australia.


Aside from acting, Henri Szeps is also a talented pianist and singer. He has showcased his musical talents in several stage productions. Szeps has been actively involved in fundraising for the Cure for Life Foundation, which supports cancer research. He has also lent his support to various charities including Lifeline Australia and the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.