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Claudia Karvan

Claudia Karvan is a famous Aussie actor.

She was born in Sydney (NSW) on 19 May 1972.

How old is Claudia Karvan?

Claudia Karvan is currently 51 years old.

Early Life

Claudia Karvan was born on May 19, 1972, in Sydney, Australia. Before becoming famous, she attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and started her acting career in theater productions. She gained early recognition for her role in the film "Molly" (1983) when she was only 12 years old.


Claudia Karvan is best known for her roles in Australian movies such as "The Heartbreak Kid" (1993) and "The Secret Life of Us" (2001-2006). She received critical acclaim for her performance in the film "Love My Way" (2004), which earned her an AACTA Award for Best Actress. Karvan has also appeared in international productions like "Daybreakers" (2009) and "Pulse" (2010).

Family Life

Claudia Karvan's parents are Zygmunt Karvan, an Estonian-born engineer, and Libby Karvan, a scriptwriter and author. She has three siblings: brother David Karvan and sisters Nina Karvan and Leah Karvan. Claudia Karvan was married to Jeremy Sparks in 1996, but they divorced in 1997.


- Claudia Karvan co-founded the film production company "Chaos Films" in 1999. - She has won multiple awards throughout her career, including the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards and the Logie Awards. - In 2014, Karvan starred in the TV series "The Time of Our Lives" alongside her real-life brother, David Karvan. - She has also worked as a producer and director, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry. - Claudia Karvan is an ambassador for the Australian mental health organization "Headspace."