picture of Anne Haddy

Anne Haddy

Anne Haddy is a famous Aussie actor.

She was born in Sydney (NSW) on 5 October 1930.

She died on 6 June 1999.

Early Life

Anne Haddy, born on October 5, 1930, in Quorn, South Australia, began her career as a radio actress and later moved on to stage and television work. She started gaining recognition in the late 1950s and early 1960s for her roles in popular Australian soap operas, such as "Consider Your Verdict" and "Bellbird."


One of Anne Haddy's most notable roles was that of Helen Daniels in the long-running Australian soap opera "Neighbours." She portrayed the character from 1985 until 1997, making her a beloved and iconic figure on Australian television. The show premiered on March 18, 1985, and Haddy's portrayal of Helen Daniels lasted for over a decade.

Family Life

Anne Haddy's parents were mother Amy Winifred Parker and father Arthur Haddy. She had one sibling, a sister named Joan. Haddy was married to actor James Condon from 1954 until their divorce in 1959, after five years of marriage.


Despite her long and successful career, Anne Haddy famously never won any major acting awards. However, her portrayal of Helen Daniels on "Neighbours" earned her immense popularity and made her an iconic television figure in Australia. Haddy passed away on June 6, 1999, at the age of 68.