picture of Ally Fowler

Ally Fowler

Ally Fowler is a famous Aussie actor.

She was born in Sydney (NSW) on 6 December 1961.

How old is Ally Fowler?

Ally Fowler is currently 62 years old.

Early Life

Ally Fowler, born on March 16, 1967, in Melbourne, Australia, began her career as a child actor in the Australian television industry. She appeared in various television commercials and small roles in TV shows before gaining recognition.


Ally Fowler is most famous for her role as Jo-Anna Kendall in the long-running Australian TV drama series "Neighbours," which she portrayed from 1986 to 1991. She also appeared in the film "The Shiralee" in 1987 and the TV series "Fire" in 1995.

Family Life

Ally Fowler's parents are Ron and Jennifer Fowler. She has two siblings, older brother Simon Fowler and younger sister Carolyn Fowler. Ally Fowler was married to actor and comedian Shane Bourne in 1994, but the couple divorced in 2007.


An interesting fact about Ally Fowler is that she initially auditioned for the role of Charlene Mitchell in "Neighbours," which eventually went to Kylie Minogue. She joined the cast as Jo-Anna Kendall instead and became one of the show's beloved characters during her tenure.